Delegating for Results




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As you move up in an organisation and take on more responsibility pressures on your time increase and your ability to delegate effectively becomes even more critical. Whether you manage people or projects, if you are freelance or an employee it applies to you. When correctly practiced delegation is the key to freeing up your time, improving efficiency and it benefits your colleagues.

This eLearning module take about 30 minutes to complete. There are a series of checklists and self-assessments as you progress through it to help you to evaluate where you can improve your delegation skills and enrich your job.

This course is part of a trio of complementary eLearning training courses which form our Balancing Pressure and Performance programme – the two others being Time to Manage Time and Mental Wellbeing at Work.

Who should do this eLearning?

This course is for busy people with heavy workloads, those who are leading teams or coordinating people and projects. Directors and Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Co-ordinators and professional people such as Consultants, Engineers, Accountants, Sales personnel and anyone responsible for managing suppliers will benefit.

What will they learn?

Candidates will gain an understanding of how to delegate effectively. It will help you to free up your time and motivate your team and gives practical tools and tips to try when delegating.

Course content

To provide you with a better understanding of delegation including:

  • What is delegation?
  • Benefits of delegation
  • Do you need to delegate more?
  • Overcoming the barriers to delegation
  • How to delegate effectively
  • The impact of delegation on you and your team
  • Empowering and motivation staff through delegation