Unconscious Bias for Managers






The Unconscious Bias training for Managers course has been created for Managers and Leaders to learn about responsibilities as a leader and learn how not to let unconscious biases impact your decisions.  This IIRSM approved course will help you identify , challenge, and reduce bias in the workplace to create a more diverse and open organisation.

Who should do this eLearning?

This course is suitable for anyone in a management position, HR, Recruitment and Senior customer service personal.

Course content  

  • What unconscious biases are
  • Common types and how they are formed
  • How the mind works, how it stores information and how it creates negative biases
  • Short exercises to get you thinking about you and your workplace
  • 4 Key areas for tackling bias
  • Stereotyping, body language
  • The dangers of making assumptions
  • Best practise for short listing CV’s
  • Conducting interviews and promoting staff
  • Common mistakes made when managers rely on their unconscious bias to help with decisions
  • Team Dynamics and the importance of Inclusive Culture
  • Tools to use after you’ve completed the course