Stress Awareness

· January 2, 2023

This course will show you which positive steps to take to prevent stress, how to put strategies in place to allow a more productive and better working life and how to recognize the signs of stress before they become more serious. Our course is suitable for all levels of staff including employees and management.

Course Content:

Understanding Stress

In the first module we look into the mental and physical effects stress has on a person and the science behind it. We will also look into the bodies automatic Fight or Flight response to stress.

Identifying Stress

It is important to acknowledge that people handle stress differently and can handle different levels of stress. This section will help you identify the signs of stress and look at the factors involved.  

Preventing & Reducing stress

The key to implementing effective stress strategies is understanding what stress is and how to identify it. The last section will look at the importance of acting early to prevent stress from appearing in the first place.

Course Content

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£20.00 (4 Credits)

Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson
  • Course Certificate